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Case Study

Mia’s Caffè is an Italian restaurant in Meridian, Mississippi needed a 30-day social media marketing campaign to attract new customers and inform existing customers of their offerings.


Daniel C. Ethridge | CD
Jenni DiFiatta | Actress
Lillian Nunnery | Actress
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Social Media Marketing
Commercial Video Production

Creative Process

The project called for a 30-day marketing plan, including social media posts for Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest and producing a series of video ads to create a buzz, informing new and existing customers about the many exciting offerings at Mia’s Caffè.

We felt Mia’s Caffè was an ideal client that could benefit significantly from a coordinated social media campaign paired with a series of video productions promoted across multiple social platforms. If properly executed, our efforts could be shared by hundreds of adoring customers while reinforcing the love for a favorite local restaurant. The goal was to spread the message and assist in capturing new customers. The journey demanded seamless collaboration and clear communication. 

Time Management

We utilized to schedule posts on three social platforms with pinpoint accuracy. This process took 2 days to enter the information, but once set in motion, scheduling freed up valuable time to work on other aspects of the campaign.

Brand Awareness

Each calendar day of November was specifically selected to promote a single aspect of the business. e.g., regular slow days were given coupons, and days leading up to the weekend promoted live music.

Market Research

The target demographic for Mia’s Caffè is women ages 27 to 65. This critical information informed our marketing decisions.

Continued Success

The marketing plan framework was designed to ensure lasting success for Mia’s after the completion of the campaign. A dedicated employee could continue to use the calendar system or acquire our services.

Through meticulous planning and collaboration with key stakeholders, we crafted engaging social media posts and captivating videos to drive attention to Mia’s diverse offerings. Great news! Our 30-day social marketing plan was widely successful, increasing foot traffic and sales.

The numbers

Success is quantifiable, and our social media campaign for Mia’s Caffè has shown remarkable results. With Facebook as our primary platform, we witnessed a significant surge in traffic, gaining 800 new followers. Additionally, our YouTube videos garnered 4000 impressions, further extending Mia’s Caffè’s reach and engagement.

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